Becoming The Dire Wolf

Many times in life we find ourselves running from something. We run from those who have wronged us, from tragedy, from responsibility, or simply the past. Sometimes though, we are chased by something unknown. We run and run, always trying to stay ahead of it, but it keeps nipping at our heels. Not all that follows us can be outrun. Sometimes we have to turn and face that thing to find peace and grow stronger.

Sometimes we realize that we were running from ourselves all along.


Waiting for the wolves 
To make a meal out of me 
You know I've seen stranger things 
Happen round here 
But nothings more unusual 
Than seeing yourself 
Become the very thing 
That rang the dinner bell 

Looks like the feast is upon me 
Or so it always was 
I guess I should be grateful 
For it takes a hunger 
To see what you're really worth 

Now I'm skin and bones 
Took every piece of me 
Strange how the weight is gone 
All that's left is me 
Stripped down to the very soul 
I gave myself for free 
I've become the very thing 
That's been chasing me 

Looks like the beast is upon me 
Or so it always was 
I guess I should be grateful 
For in the den of wolves 
You see what you're really worth

Written and Recorded by Shane Young.

Mixed and Mastered by Shane Young and Evan Hinshaw at Catchlight Studios.

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