The Catchlight Project is an Alternative Folk project captained by Shane Young and Evan Hinshaw. This songwriting duo started with a room and two acoustics, and after many years the formula is the same. Their music includes elements of bluegrass, jazz, rock, and pop but remains rooted in Folk and Americana. Whether it’s a mystic tale of the past and present or a surreal take on the future, their lyricism includes stories of the human condition, fiction, and non-fiction alike. Catchlight’s mission is to always think outside the box and make music straight from the heart. Catchlight records, mixes, and masters original music at their very own “Catchlight Studios” in East Bend, N.C. They are also key producers in multiple side projects including, “Strange Intuition“, Shane Young’s solo music, and “Sly Like Fox“. 

The Catchlight Project – May music be your guide!


Find and pruchase the complete song collection at our Catchlight Bandcamp Store.


“In The Meantime” (Live)

“Like Charlie Chaplin”

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