It can feel uneasy not knowing what direction you are headed. We twist and turn through decisions in life, always wondering if we made the right choice. We ask ourselves, 

“What if I would have chosen differently? Am I where I am supposed to be?” 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just ask those questions and get an answer, or to know where to go before you even get there? It’s not always laid out like that, and we don’t always have a prophet guiding us towards our purpose. In fact, sometimes it can feel like an endless sinking, like time just keeps getting deeper and deeper and all we do is struggle blindly. In the end, the important part is to always push forward and find a way out no matter how much we sink down. Through steady effort, we will find steady ground.


Well I’ve been waiting 
On some big picture 
This life I’m framing 
Well, its moving quicker 
What will be will be 
Or so they tell me 
Is that my fate here? 
Or could I change things? 

Brother John 
I’ve got some questions 
Tell me 
What am I to become? 
I need direction 
Show me 
I’ve just been on the run 

This road I’m walking 
It’s always the same thing 
And the path less taken 
I walk through blindly 
Your heart will guide you 
Or so they all say 
If it gets broken 
Do we lose our way 

Brother John 
I want some answers 
Tell me 
How can I save myself? 
Inside this desert 
Show me 
Where does the river dwell? 

And I need a clean slate 
I need a clean slate 

Quicksand is where I bathe 
These days, oh these days

released June 23, 2020 
Written 2012 and Recorded 2020 by Shane Young. 

Mixed and Mastered by Shane Young and Evan Hinshaw at Creative Fixations.

Connect with Shane Young at:  Facebook   |   Youtube   |   Bandcamp

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