Vacation to Arcadia

This song is the result of a spontaneous improv session with Josh Godfrey (My Hero Is Me/New Age Of Radio/Bare The Traveler), Matt Johnson (For The Fix/Other Side Of Fear/Team Edgar/Stave), and Shane Young (Goodnight Ghost/Stave/Catchlight/Strange Intuition/Solo). After meeting each other through the local music circuit, Josh, Matt, and Shane maintain a friendship that includes the occasional jam session. “Vacation to Arcadia” was very impromptu and immediately the trio knew it was worth capturing. It was written and recorded on-site at Shane Young’s home studio, then mixed and mastered By Evan Hinshaw and Shane Young at Catchlight Studios.

“Music is like a conversation. Every time you add someone to it, the conversation changes.” – Matt Johnson

This is our conversation.

Written and performed by Josh Godfrey, Matt Johnson, and Shane Young

Mixed and Mastered by Evan Hinshaw and Shane Young at Catchlight Studios

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