Never Can Tell


This song was a long process for me in terms of lyricism. The guitar came to me quickly and I knew that the lyrics needed to really reach out at something. I had several moments during the sculpting of this song where I really just let go and let the music create the story and guide my words. I kept coming back to the phrase “Never can tell” which was fitting because that was truly the feeling behind this song. At any given moment while working on it I could be happy, frustrated, or thinking of what I was doing in life, and ultimately just not knowing. When all of these things started to combine I realized how important it was to let go, and not always “have the answer”.

It gets tiring to see everything put in a box like it always has to be a certain way when we know in our hearts it can change in an instant. The biggest forces in this world are just too far out of reach to put a finger on. There is peace within the journey and the search, and sometimes we learn more from that than just a simple answer.

-Shane Young

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