“Fly” is the latest track written and recorded by Strange Intuition, and then mixed and mastered at Catchlight’s studio.

“Just like most of our songs, Fly was written in the wee hours of the morning after yet another restless night of good company and guitars. Outside with the rising sun, a lively tune presented itself and we chose to pursue it. The lyrics were very impromptu and we just sang about the moment we were in. We watched a plane fly over us and pondered the fact that the passengers may be just starting their day while we were ending ours. They had no idea we were down there writing a song about them, and we had no idea where they were going. It all seemed quite serendipitous. In the end, we just had fun with it and romanticized the idea of flying away with nothing but a dream.”

-Shane Young of Strange Intuition

Purchase and Download “Fly” and other tracks from Strange Intuition:

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